Safe Kids Larimer County Recognizes Partners

Today Safe Kids Larimer County recognized the multitude of community partners responsible for helping us reach over 50,000 Larimer County residents (and beyond) with safety messages and practical tools and tips to keep kids safe.  Through social media alone we reached almost 12,000 people with information on how to transport children safely in the car, how to wear a bike helmet correctly, how to keep kids safe from poisoning, marijuana safety tips (now that it’s legal in CO), winter safety tips, and much, much more. (Do you like us on Facebook??)

A special thank you goes out to our lead agency, UCHealth, for the unwavering support of our prevention efforts.  They provide salary for the Injury Prevention Coordinator and a number of community health educators who work with our community agencies and organizations to spread the message.

According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, the child restraint use in Larimer County is in the 90th percentile and the Colorado Kids Survey reports that 85% of children are wearing bike helmets.  While 100% is always our goal, these are impressive numbers when you compare them to the state and the nation.

You can see a list of our partner agencies at here and learn more about what they do.  Thank you!

2014 YE Report

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