What Every Grandparent Should Know

There are more and more grandparents involved in the raising of their grandchildren across the country.  While grandparents have the best intentions for keeping the kids safe, they may not realize safety recommendations have changed from when their kids were little.  Here are a few tips to share with grandparents you know.

  • Back to Sleep…this has changed over time, but the AAP recommends babies sleep on their backs with nothing else in the crib.  Consider a sleep sack in colder weather versus a blanket that could get wrapped around the baby’s head.
  • Buckle Up Every Trip…car seats may not have even been an option when you were little.  Show the grandparents how to use your car seat correctly and have them practice.  You can also refer them to one of our inspection stations throughout Larimer County for education. Remind them to buckle up as well.  Seat belts didn’t become mainstream until the 1970’s!
  • Keep Medications Up and Away…if grandparents aren’t used to having little ones around they forget how curious they can be and medicine can look like candy.  Encourage medications be kept on a high counter or even better, in a cabinet out of reach.
  • Baby Walkers are NOT Safe…it was the standard for everyone to have a walker in the house, but there are too many dangers in them falling down stairs.  Use an exersaucer instead.
  • Do NOT Prop a Bottle…I know my mom did this…I was the baby of 5 children, so she wanted to use her time wisely. Propped bottles can lead to choking.  Feeding time is meant to be actively supervised and shared with an adult.

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