Safety Tips


Baby Safety Basics

Seguridad de nino



Battery Safety


Bike Safety Tips

Wheeled Sports Activity Book

Quick Car Seat Checklist for Parents

Heatstroke Safety Tips

Click HERE to go to our Car Seat Resources Page for more information.

Choking Prevention Tips


Concussions in Young Athletes

Concussion Fact Sheet for Parents

Conmocion Cerebral Hoja Informativa para los Padres

A Quiz for Coaches, Athletes and Parents

Cuestionario para Entrenadores, Atletas y Padres

Emergency Preparedness

FEMA Checklist for Parents

FEMA Plan for Parents

FEMA Checklist for Child

FEMA Plan for Child


Fall Prevention Tips

TV Tipover Safety Tips

 Fire & Burn Safety Tips for Young Children

Burn & Scald Prevention Tips

Carbon Monoxide Poison Prevention Tips

Cooking Safety–Parent Checklist

Electronic Cigarette Safety Tips

E-Cigarette Poisoning Infographic

Escape Plan

ESPANOL–Create a Fire Escape Plan

 Kids in the Kitchen

Firearm Safety Tips


Home Safety Activity Book

Espanol–Home Safety Activity Book

Internet Safety

Medication Safety Tips

Safe Medication Disposal

Pedestrian Safety Tips

Spanish Halloween Tips

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Visibility Tips

Playground Safety Tips

Poisoning Prevention Tips

Sleep Safety Tips

Sports Safety Tips

Skating/Skateboarding Safety Tips

Toy Safety Tips

Think “Toy Safety” Guide

Piense en la seguridad del juguete

Pool Safety Checklist

Swimming Safety Tips

Boating Safety Tips

Vigilante del Agua

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