Keeping Kids Safe Around the Campfire

Summer and S’mores go hand-in hand…and in order to have the S’mores, you have to have a campfire.  The most common type of injury at campfire sites is tripping and falling, which causes burns.  Establish a 10 foot safety zone around the campfire to keep people from getting hurt. Active supervision is also key.

What happens if your marshmallow catches on fire…kids should drop it in the fire or on the ground and stomp it out (yes, it’s a gooey mess).  Trying to blow it out could lead to burns on the face or the hair catching on fire.

Remember that alcohol and fires don’t mix.  Someone has to be responsible for actively supervising the fire and making sure it is completely out before going to bed.  Winds can reignite embers while you’re sleeping and those embers could get out of the fire pit starting a fire where it doesn’t belong.

Some things to remember:

  • Choose your site in an open area, not too close to trees or bushes
  • Do not use gas or lighter fluid as it is very explosive
  • Remove any flammable debris (leaves, sticks, etc.) so the fire doesn’t spread unintentionally
  • Remember your patience.  Your fire may not start right away.  Use a safe fire starter and approved kindling (many campsites do not allow you to bring in your own wood or gather wood from the forest)

If you are burned:

  • Put out the fire
  • Remove any clothing that is on fire
  • Do not try to remove any clothing stuck to the skin, but cover with a dry bandage and seek medical help immediately.

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