Website Resources

Safety Websites

Title Address Information provided
NFPA Codes and standards for building
Safe Kids Worldwide Safety tips to decrease injury risk
FEMA Fire prevention and public education
Firewise for Educators Wildfire preparedness for homeowners
National Center for Injury Prevention and Control Injury prevention and education
Children’s Burn Foundation Burn prevention and education
Children’s Environmental Health-Environmental risks: WHO World Health Organization recommendations for environmental risks to children


Helpful Injury Prevention Websites

Title Address Information Provided
Alexa’s Hugs Teen Driving
U.S. Comsumer Product Safety Commission Safety Education
American Academy of Pediatrics Professional Education
Farm Safety 4 Just Kids Safety tips for kids on the farm
Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute Quick tips on helmets, recalls, and safety
Rocky Mountain Poison Center Poison center information and education
American Association of Suicidology Support groups, youth prevention, and education