Home Safety: Creating a Safe Space for Your Children

It is no shock that most families have spent more time at home than usual over the last year. Our homes were transformed in to possible work areas, classrooms, and our safe havens. Although day-to-day life is beginning to look as though normality is near, there is no better time than now to do what you can to encourage safe living spaces.

There are many items within a home that to many may appear to be harmless, but to children of young ages there may be potential for harm or danger. Many pieces of furniture within the home can present as safety hazards if they are not used correctly of if the proper tools are not equipped with them. Let’s take a look at 3 home safety tips.

  1. Use safety gates on stairs and be sure that they are being used correctly. Many young children have the ability to somehow appear in the areas they should not be, or the spaces that are not safe. Using safety gates can allow for you to limit young ones from gaining access to areas of a home that could pose as a safety issue. When using baby gates, it is important to be sure that you are following the instructions from the manufacturer.
  2. Be sure that flat screen TVs are mounted to the walls and if using box-style televisions, put them lower and closer to the ground. Heavy box-style tv’s can be a safety hazard as they are not typically secured. Being sure to use wall straps or braces can allow for them to be secured more safely. These types of TVs also tend to tip over easier, allowing for children to pull them over easier.
  3. Use window guards and keep climbable items away from windows or balconies. At a young age children curiosity begins to peak. This can also lead children to exploring windows and balconies, which can often be a safety risk. Using window bars or guards can better keep children from falling. Being sure that there are no easy to climb items nears windows or balconies can also keep children from reaching them.

There are always more ways in which you can make your home a safer place for both you and your family. Check out sklarimer.org for more safety tips.

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