Crossing Guards, Our Unsung Heroes

Many of our schools depend on crossing guards to get children across the street safely, and many of those crossing guards go above and beyond the basic job description. Some bring extra winter hats, just in case. Some stop bullying before it begins. And some can coax a laugh out of even the shyest child. In freezing or stormy weather, they are on duty – making sure our kids get to and from school safely.

The work our crossing guards are doing is more important than ever. A 2016 research report by Safe Kids Worldwide revealed that nearly 80% of students do not cross the street safely. Don’t forget to thank your crossing guard today!

Safe Kids Worldwide, with support from FedEx, held the third annual America’s Favorite Crossing Guard this year. This was the first year Larimer County participated and we had FIVE nominations which is incredible! Although they did not ultimately win the contest, they all represented Larimer County and made us all proud. We are excited to introduce them below.

Danny Kenny, Truscott Elementary

Danny has been with us for a couple of years now. He is here bright and early, earlier than he has to be. He makes eye contact with everyone who drives by, waves and makes sure they are slowing down in our safety zones. He also connects with the students and families as they journey to and from school. Danny was sick a year ago and it was pretty serious. He had a hard go of it, but what motivated him was getting back to his job, his work of keeping the students safe at Truscott. We are so glad to have him at his post. He has helped to educate the local drivers on safe use of the calming round-a-bout that we have at his intersection. Before he was there, drivers would blast threw in the north south direction thinking they still had the right of way. His calm, but firm presence, has been enough to slow drivers down to a safe and alert speed. 

Dorothy Fuller, Ivy Stockwell Elementary

Ms. Dorothy is an incredible crossing guard, an amazing part of our school family, and a friend to all students. Every morning – whether it is 90 degrees or 10 degrees – Ms. Dorothy helps our students arrive at school safely. Families look forward to seeing her each morning at the crosswalk. She takes the time to get to know each student (and parent) by name and kids love her personal greetings and great sense of humor. Located on a busy street, our school, students, and Ms. Dorothy would benefit greatly from a safety grant allowing us to purchase additional signage, materials, and safety education.

Doug Money, High Plains School

The fact that he gives of his personal time 3 days a week to make sure our students can cross safely through a very busy intersection is amazing enough. He also volunteers his time in other ways too. He comes in and works in the classroom and visits his grandchildren at lunch. He is always kind, pleasant, and super dependable.

Alex Martin, Carrie Martin Elementary

With a new neighborhood our students had no safe crossing across a busy county road. Staff worked hard lobbying city and county officials to put in a crosswalk over a month and a half. We eventually got a crossing installed, however our county/city does not provide crossing guards. Teachers, staff, and Principal rallied everyday to make sure kids got to school safe (even on Halloween). Staff continue to man crosswalk with the help of two building volunteers.

Eric Velasco, Monroe Elementary

Eric is one of the most dedicated and friendly crossing guards our school has ever had. He is assigned to be at his post for an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon. Staff members consistently see him staying for longer than his assigned time. Eric always smiles and waves to each car, whether they are families affiliated with our school or just people driving by. He brightens everyone’s day, students and adults alike

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