Kiddie Pools Pose Drowning Hazard

A child can drown in as little at 2″ of water.  Children cannot determine the depth of the water in a pool to determine if it is over their head.  An infant’s head is 1/4 of the entire body size and weighs more than the rest of the body, so they are top heavy and once they tip over (into water for example) they have a hard time getting back up

.head sizes

Studies show that 10% of pool-related deaths in children (under the age of 5 years) happen in “kiddy pools”.

Active supervision is key.  Don’t get distracted by the cookies in the oven, the book you’re reading, or the phone.  Drowning can be very silent and you won’t know it’s happening unless your eyes are on the child. Empty pools at the end of the day so they are not a temptation.  Learn CPR, just in case and sign those little ones up for swim lessons.  The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends swim lessons for children over the age of 4, but safe exposure to water younger than 4 is a good idea.

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