Life Jackets Save Lives

In the recent summer months we had a drowning of a 4-year old and a near drowning of a 3-year old.  Luckily for Lali, Angelo Mondragan was in the right place at the right time and she survived with no after-affects.

Now Angelo wants to make sure no one has to go through that experience again.  He has started “Live for Lali”, a fund raiser to collect money for life jackets to create loaner boards as local area lakes and rivers.  Safe Kids is proud to team up with “Live for Lali” for this effort as drowning is preventable.  Along with Safe Kids Larimer County, Mackenzie’s Mission, a 501c3 focused on water safety prevention, is teaming up with Angelo and “Live for Lali” to provide education and life jackets to save lives.

Join us in our mission!  You can donate the following ways:

  1.  “Live for Lali” Go Fund Me page at
  2. Go to Mackenze’s Missions web site at
  3. Send a check to Safe Kids Larimer County to 1025 Garfield St., Suite A, Fort Collins, CO 80524

All monies raised will support water safety prevention in Larimer County, including purchasing life jackets!

Thank you for your support!

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