Stay Safe this 4th of July

The 4th of July is a great time to get together with family and friends and celebrate our independence as a country.  One of the time old traditions on this holiday is fireworks.  However, there are laws in each city of the state of Colorado that govern whether or not you can use fireworks.  The City of Loveland, the Town of Windsor, and unincorporated Larimer County all allow fireworks as long as they don’t explode or leave the ground (that means you can light fountains and smoke balls–not bombs).  ALL fireworks are illegal in he City of Fort Collins and the Town of Timnath.  This was also stated by Poudre Fire Authority:

“Fireworks that are sold along Mulberry/I25 are legal as they are outside city limits.  These fireworks  can only be used in Laporte, and parts of Bellvue.  Purchases made at the fireworks stands on Mulberry by citizens are legal, until they cross back in city limits; if they get pulled over they can be fined.”

Want to be safe and still enjoy the festivities?  Go to a professional fireworks display put on by your city or town.  Grab the picnic basket, Frisbee, sunscreen, and bug spray and head out to see the show.  Most start at dusk.



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