Helpful Holiday Shopping Tips

The holiday season is upon us and I’m sure you’re in the swing of shopping for the kids.  Safe Kids would like to provide a few safety tips to keep in mind when buying toys.
  1. Keep age and cognitive ability in mind.  Just because a toy says it is for an 8+ doesn’t mean it is right for your child.
  2. Consider other children in the house.  Smaller toys (marbles, Mancala, Polly Pockets, etc.) are great for school-age children, but if there are young children around will it pose a choking hazard?  Decide how to keep the toys and kids separated and how to supervise when they are being used.
  3. Are you giving a gift with wheels?  If so, remember the safety equipment…HELMET, HELMET, HELMET!!!  Helmets expire after 3 years and if they are ever involved in a crash (where the head is hit), it needs to be thrown in the trash!
  4. Buy toys that encourage your child to be active, not just video games and books (though those are fun gifts!) and participate with them by at least actively supervising.  A ball, a jump rope, a frisbee, etc. can create many hours of fun for the entire family.
If you would like more tips on toy safety, check out
Have a happy and SAFE holiday season!

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