Medication Safety at Home

*A new study shows that about 63,358 children experience medication errors every year in their HOME!

*A quarter of these were infants under one year of age

*Most common mistakes involved pain medications, like aspirin. After that, it is cold and cough medications.MEDICATION D-CON

What can we do as parents and caregivers?

– Use measuring cups for liquid medications to help give the correct dose!

– Use smart phone apps to schedule and track medication doses

Before giving a medication, STOP! Make sure you have the 3 RIGHTS:

-Right dose 

-Right medication 

-Right time 

Make sure to read the labels before giving any type of medication and consulting with a doctor for any questions and concerns

If a medication mistakes does happen, call  the American Association of Poison Control Centers  at 1-800-222-1222

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