Keeping Kids Safe in Northern Colorado

Greetings from the PVH and MCR Foundation,

Today marks the beginning of a short and important campaign for the safety of kids in our community, and we need your help!  Safe Kids is a proven program that improves child passenger safety by providing car seats and education about their proper use to parents in northern Colorado.  In order to continue providing car seats at very little cost – just a $20 donation per car seat to families – we need your support.

This October, we’re working to raise $4500 to keep the program strong through the end of this year.  Your gift of $77 provides an infant car seat to a baby who needs one, $53 buys a convertible seat for a toddler to travel safely, and only $33 will keep a child safe in a booster seat through when they grow out of the need for extra safety measures.  It’s as easy as visiting and select Safe Kids – Car Seats to make your gift today.

Your gift could save a child’s life. 

Each year, motor vehicle crashes are a primary cause of death to children.  Studies show that proper car seat use can reduce serious and fatal injuries in vehicle accidents by more than 50%.  With the help of Safe Kids, Larimer county has dropped from a top county for injuries to unrestrained children (age 8 and under) in vehicles, to having NO child occupant fatalities (age 8 and under) in 2012-2013!

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Safe Kids is already a valued resource in our community, but we need your help to keep it going!

Make your gift today at


  1. The more people know about the program, the more families we can serve.

Share this  with your friends, coworkers, family…anyone you think may want to help or need help.

You can also check out our Facebook page that shares regular updates on this program and others improving lives in community.


  1. When more people give, more kids are safe.

Ask your friends, coworkers, family, etc. to contribute today at  A small gift goes a long way toward saving a life.  Challenge your peers to help you raise enough for a car seat, or a enough for a whole family to be safe.  Simply sharing this message could make all the difference.


Keeping our community’s kids safe isn’t just the job of parents, we can all help.  It’s as easy as making a gift and sharing this message.  .  Please help us reach our goal of $4500 this October.  Anything above $4500 just builds next year’s program.  Thank you for giving what you can.


Thank you for considering a gift today at


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