Marijuna Edibles

Would you Know a Marijuana Edible if you Saw It?

It’s hard enough for adults to distinguish what is “regular” food and what a marijuana edible looks like, especially just by “looks”.    Can you imagine the dangers they pose to children?  If you have these items around, please lock them up and have a conversation with your children to help them understand the packaging and why it is not for them. 

There have been recent news items sharing overdose stories of someone who ate an entire candy bar that had marijuana in it. One serving of that candy bar was actually only 1/16 of the bar.  Another story told us of someone who ate an entire chocolate chip cookie (ONE cookie) and overdosed.  A serving was 1/6 of the cookie.  Not many people have the willpower to only eat 1/16 or 1/6 of an item.  Overdose can happen quickly.  Below are some samples of Marijuana Edibles to demonstrate how difficult it would be for children to tell the difference.

While Marijuana is legal in Colorado it is still extremely dangerous to children.  Be safe!

edible marijuana gold fish edible marijuna gummyedible marijuna popcorn

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